Here Fishie

Kaulin and Jake went bass fishing at SandHollow tonight.


Home Sweet Home

So i was thinking the other day, Wow i don't have any picture of my current home. I want to be able to look back and tell my kids, "we were living and managing the Avalon Apartments, See life isn't so bad!" haha!

Pot-A-Dot Wedding

I was the assistant on this wedding out at the Santa Clara town hall. It was a cutesy wedding that turned out really fun.

Julie and Laura Stagg

HAZA!! Tournament of the Kings

We went down to vegas in July with our friends Jake and Megan Carlen. We stayed at the Venetian hotel and went to the Tournament of the Kings. Highlights: Watching a super cheesie knight tournament, eating full chickens with our hands, spending our money on trying to win carnival stuffed animals, Kaulin and Jake chasing two cops through the excalibur to see where they were going so fast.

Wedding at Entrada

For over two years i have been an assistant for Laura Stagg at Forevermore Events. This was a decorating wedding I lead over at Entrada sometime at the end of July. Entrada is a gorgeous setting for a wedding.