Secrets Out

The secret is out! Yes, we've given into peer pressure and decided to have a kid.

We've told our family so it's safe to tell people. We are having the little one at the end of March. Waiting to tell everyone has helped make the the first trimester go so fast. (In my opinion) And we'll see what part 2 will be like.
 (Hopefully the holidays will help it go by faster too!)

Mr. Bentley is going to have some major competition! :)

Top Secret

When you first find out you have a little one inside of you, it almost seems unreal. I didn't feel much different other then just being tired all the time. Even when we went to see the my Aunt Tracy (Our O.B.) for the first time and saw little flutterbugs little heart flutter, it still didn't seem real. (Especially since I don't think I've been that bad. Maybe Kaulin thinks different! :)

We have decided not to anyone in our families yet. We figure, what's the rush until the first trimester has gone by. But it's been really hard! We always tell our families everything!
People just start to think you're a flake, your never want to hang out and are always eating foods you usualy would never touch. (Yes, I try not to eat fast food, but now when it's all that sounds good and I'm never hungery, I totally give in!) I've even had a few family member say something about what I was eating. ha. I'm sure they are catching on, but not saying anything. We will see soon. There just seems to be certain foods that no matter how much you want, you can't eat. Chicken and salmon are on the top of that list for me!


Things I can look back at and laugh one day:
  • Crying over the milk being gone.
  • Getting up to pee every night. I used to have a blatter of steel!
  • Getting upset at church and not being able to stop crying the WHOLE sacrament. It was like I had a leaky valve. I honestly couldn't stop. It was aweful.
  • Rushing to the bathroom at Kaulins parents house to spill everything i just ate, and then waltz back into the room and start back up with the converstation. Yuck.
  • Trying to keep myself busy all the time so I don't have a chance to feel nauseated. Really, only at night.
  • Lossing weight (Not good), but noticing I am getting a tummy pouch now.
  • Being at Lake Powell with 20 people on a house boat and trying to keep a secret...
Me and Karli at the Lake :)