A Baby of my Own!!!!

On Christmas morning Kaulin suprised me with a baby of my own!!! Little puppy Boston. I couldn't have been more happy! Boston' Loves: pouncing, peeing when he thinks no one is looking, cuddling up on your neck for a nap and being the center of the Hinton Universe. We can't leave the house now without our new little guy.


Yous Hav tu Sea the Baebee

A Baby!!!! No, it's not mine. Its Andee's little guy baby Ethan. Me and him were just chillen watching the snow fall. :)


Monogram Mania

I love monogramed Themed weddings. I made a few monograms for Jeff and Lexie's wedding. Any thoughts on which one is the best? I want to show them only the best to see if they like the idea. I think i already know which are my favorites. :)


Shout out to Bloomers

You can take any of them you want, and if you want a better quality in any of them, just let me know! :)

Floral from the Ronnow Wedding


New York Style Wedding

This wedding had Great food, music and style at the Alumni House at Dixie State College. It had a New York club theme. It was sleek and simple. There was a spritzer bar serving old fashion sodas and cranberry and cinnamon spritzers. I had a blast being the planner.


Huntin' Hinton' from Hurrican'

Kaulin has decided to take up a new sport. Hunting. Over Halloween he went up to Jake Carlins in Logan and hunted pheasants. As you can see they got ducks instead. hehe. I don't know where this new found hobbie came from, but if he likes it, i like it. As long as I don't have to clean anything he brings home!


Baby Ethan is Born

Hi Baby Ethan!

He was born on Thursday weighting 7'11 and was 20 inches tall. He really is the sweetest things. His cry is so soft and precious. And his mommy already dresses him well. hehe. Congrats Andee and Steve!

p.s. Alisha my sister took this picture. She is photographer. Amazing huh? She's really good at it.


Current me and Andee are the managers at Avalon Apartments. I wanted to let my friends know what they have just lowered the rent to $640 A MONTH! Crazy eh? There are a few rules to get the $640 price, but its a crazy good price.

They are all 3 bedroom 2 bathrooms. Currently we are trying to replacce the flooring and repaint all the apartments, so i would make sure you get one of those.

Why am i posting this? Because i want cute people to live in the same place as me! and if you're my friend, you're cute. And i want to live around you.

Call me if you want more details! Or i can show you an apartment.



Every year on ambassadors we do a float for homecoming (along with 61 others at the college). This year we were pirates on a pirate boat! It was a blast. We dressed up and handed out pirate hats and swords. Afterward Me, Lindsey and Angie ran over to a power fair at town square and raced on the blow up toys and got ballon animals. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!


Christmas Open House

We had a Holiday Open house on Thursday at Forevermore Events to let everyone know we do killer inexpensive christmas parties. It was really fun. Plus there was great lunch from Marvellous Catering. I can't wait till christmas! I think our home would already be decorated for christmas if Kaulin would let me. :)

Jo-jo and Crystal


Another Music goodie!

This song gets to me. I think it sums up how i feel about life. I think that if i could stop time, it would be right now.



This is the Gardner/Watson family. Aren't we the cutest?


Scrap Time

I would suggest anyone who likes to scrapbook come to this! The instructor is amazing. Plus it will be fun. I'm hoping to make it there.


Andees Baby Shower

On friday night we had a "girls night out" baby shower for Andee, my baby sister. She is excepting in 4 weeks!! Little Ethan Jeffery Ott. It was a blast hanging out with the girls and playaing bunco into the night.

Weddings Weddings Weddings

Isn't this an adorable light canopy? I'd like to say i took part in it, but i only showed up at the end to set up a few tables and chairs. Its pretty cool though.



This song is great! (Forgive the cheesie pictures someone did for it on youtube) But does anyone know where to get the sheet music for this? I'm clueless when its comes to this stuff.


Toquerville Falls

Labor day we went out four wheeling with Jeff and Lexie to the toquerville falls.

This picture is a blue steel shot.

Jeff jumping off the waterfall.


Here Fishie

Kaulin and Jake went bass fishing at SandHollow tonight.


Home Sweet Home

So i was thinking the other day, Wow i don't have any picture of my current home. I want to be able to look back and tell my kids, "we were living and managing the Avalon Apartments, See life isn't so bad!" haha!