This is the Gardner/Watson family. Aren't we the cutest?


Scrap Time

I would suggest anyone who likes to scrapbook come to this! The instructor is amazing. Plus it will be fun. I'm hoping to make it there.


Andees Baby Shower

On friday night we had a "girls night out" baby shower for Andee, my baby sister. She is excepting in 4 weeks!! Little Ethan Jeffery Ott. It was a blast hanging out with the girls and playaing bunco into the night.

Weddings Weddings Weddings

Isn't this an adorable light canopy? I'd like to say i took part in it, but i only showed up at the end to set up a few tables and chairs. Its pretty cool though.



This song is great! (Forgive the cheesie pictures someone did for it on youtube) But does anyone know where to get the sheet music for this? I'm clueless when its comes to this stuff.


Toquerville Falls

Labor day we went out four wheeling with Jeff and Lexie to the toquerville falls.

This picture is a blue steel shot.

Jeff jumping off the waterfall.