Southern Utah Junior Miss

This weekend was Junior Miss! We has adorable girls, a great Emcee Jan Broberg and judges who couldn't have been better. All the girls were so equally good that we had 5 ties that had to be broken! We have 4 girls going to state in March.

The girls waiting for deliberation.

Me and Jealin

I'm thankful for great husbands and brothers watching the ticket and flower sales.

The first year doing this was def. rough learning the ropes. But I'm so pumped for next year.
November 6th 2010 Hurriccane High School! Mark your calendars! :D

Last Days on our Adventure

When we first got into the redwoods at the Avenue of the Giants, it was dusk. Try driving through the trees as the sun is going down.. IT WAS DARK! I was a little freaked out. There is something about being in the redwoods at night that is mysterious. Plus, we had been driving 9 hours that day and we didn't have a hotel scheduled. 

We pulled up to this bed and breakfast, Fort Myers. Luckily they had an opening and it happened to be the only "hotel" in all of the redwoods. HOORAH! The breakfast we awesome, the hostess was eccentric and they welcomed little B-stain with open arms. It felt like it could have been better!

This shows how shallow there roots are, but how big around these trees are!

We drove through the tree. (Of course, we had too!)

And took a little hike through the forest before heading over to San Francisco.

By the mid day, we made it to San Francisco. If you follow the 101 all the way down, you drive right over the golden gate bridge. Be ready at the end to pay a $7 toll. We weren't ready for that. I beat everyone behind our car hated us! hehe. Thank goodness of GPS's or we would have been lost in this city! So many one way roads, impatient people and steep hills.

We slept the night in a hotel in a yucky little town. I was nervous to leave anything in the car and little B kept growling at things outside as we were trying to go to bed. After our not so good sleep, we drove the last day home. Bentley was all tuckered out. Driving non-stop the last 3 days is something i never want to do again! But I'd drop anything to drive down the 101 again! It was amazing.