Let Them Eat Cake: Lots of Fallin Cake!

All apart of the job! right?

Last weekend when I got done with an event in Cedar City I stopped by one of our events to drop off some napkins that were forgotten. Luckily I had my camera to capture what happens when you have a friend pick up your special cake on a hot day which is a heavy 4 tier three leche cake by someone who doesn't make cakes often. The layers toppled off during the car ride over and was all over the poor friend bringing in the cake. It was delicious though!!!!!

Maddie and Rosie from Forevermore Events.

So jo-jo with Forevermore Events went to work trying to fix the cake chaos before the family arrived any minute.


Ta Da!! haha.
15 minutes and a few dozen roses later they had a small cake now.
So sad! But Rosie, Maddie and Jo did AWESOME with what was given. Just part of the job. You just gotta roll with whats given.
And I had alot of fun being there to watch. :D hehe