Day 1

We made it to Seattle!! I didn't feel honest about sneaking little B-stain onto the plane for the first time, but now I know we should have. We paid $75 (more then our ticket) and no one even asked if we have a proof if the dog could be with us. It def. wasn't needed. But its good to be honest right?
 When traveling with a dog, everyone wants to be your friend! He is one popular little guy. Everyone wanted to talk about their dogs, when they had a yorkie etc etc.

We are now just hoping he doesn't get discovered at our hotel (Which was supposed to be dog friendly!) Oh no, they hate dogs! $250 if they catch you with one in your room. So we are just crossing our fingers he behaves tonight.

First thing we did tonight was order dinner, then walk 4 miles to take alook at the auction cars going through tomorrow. It look about an 45 minutes to walk 2 miles there and 2 miles back on a busy industrial road. We're exhausted now and are just watching TV since we are carless till tomorrow.