Staying fit, IMPOSSIBLE!

Staying fit.  Holy Smokes! That is a chore all in itself. I some how avoided the freshman 15, but what about the marriage 12... on good days 10, on really bad ones 14. (Hey I'm a girl! My weight is a roller coaster depending on what day it is!) And when it's time to have a kid, what about the baby 30-50!!

This scares me more than any of them. Since one day I think I might want to have one of those little bundles of joy people keep trying to convince me to have, I've decided that I need to get fit now. (Easier to bounce back right?) Plus, I want to look good in one of these little numbers before I do....

Having the supportive husband I have, he saw an add on Craigslist for a 90 day fit challenge and quickly forwarded it onto me. No better time than now I guess. So I gave them a call and what is done is done. I had before pictures taken and I am now on my way to becoming fit at CrossFit in St. George.

So here is to day 1!
I think day 1 is the easiest. No sore muscles yet, it doesn't bother me that I am eating like a cave man.

On top of the 3 days a week training with Crossfit, I need to still use my other gym pass. So if anyone wants to go to Zumba, Yoga or any other fun class at Golds let me know! I would love to have a workout buddy!