Disney What?

Spring break and Disneyland. Nothing greater. We went down to be with Kaulins family for a day in Cali.


Jeff and Lexie: Pictures Cont.

Jeff and Lexie's Elegant Crystal Wedding

The theme of the wedding was ivory and white with crystals. Very classy, with touches of blue and yellow. It was held at the BellTower in St. George. The place was packed all night!

The chandelier has 50 strands of crystals with 350 white orchids cascading down.

Robynn Wood with Marvellous Catering did the food for the night. It was delicious and looked amazing.

Angie Hoopes Cakes did there amazing and big wedding cake. Lexie picked confetti flavor. The best part was watching them cut it. Something they def. won't forget. :D

Alisha Shaw with One Memory at a Time did all the photography. They turned out great!

Congrats big brother! I couldn't be more happy for you! Lexie is gorgeous, adorable and fits into our family so well. You will both have an amazing life together.


Glamourous Hint of Ocean Wedding

I have an ocean wedding on my mind. Crisp whites and ivorys with teals and corals. This will be a beautiful event. I am so excited to get started.

Here are just a few images that are running through my mind.


Bentley and Ethan

I asked my sister Alisha to shoot a few glamour shots of Bentley at my moms the other day. Well Bentley loves Ethan my Nephew a ton! When he comes around he gets so excited and somehow knows not to bite Ethan but just lick him when hes close. I guess from this picture Ethan feels the same. :) hehe


Bentley is Dead!

That is playing dead!! Sicko...you think i would really post a picture of my dead dog....

I've been really lucky that Bentley gets to come to the office every afternoon with me. He usually sleeps since we get to play all morning. He crashes next to me where ever there is a free space.

My Decree

We were at the Jazz v. Boston game two weeks ago and the ushers started to hand out those long balloons. You know, the long ones that you can make balloon animals out of.

I started to think and decided when I rule my own country I am making a decree that we will all have a long balloon that we have to carry around and when someone does something dense or is rude we hit them on top of the head and scowl at them for exactly 2 seconds.

Then all has to be forgotten and forgiven....

Plus it would make me smile to see everyone walking around with a balloon. hehe...