Day 2

So little Bentley and I dressed up this morning and waited for Kaulin to hopefully bring back a car.
And he brought us back this!! A Lexus SC430 convertiable with 20 inch chrome rims.

I love it! It is probably the prettiest car we have owned.

First thing we did was head over to Seattle for The Underground Tour.


In down town Seattle there are under ground walkways. After Seattles big fire in 1888, they needed to rebuild the town but needed to raise it so the tide would stop washing everything out. Well the businesses owners didn't wanna stick around and wait for the city to build up the land, so they built there businesses anyway. The city still went with the original plan and built up these tall retaining walls around each block and filled it up with dirt. They had to use ladders to get to the first floor of businesses. Eventually they got covered up because ppl kept dying falling off now they are abandoned walk ways.


Then to Pikes Market Place where they throw the fish.
We had lunch and had to get some shrimp, fish and chips!

Then off to Lake Washington Ship Canal and Hiram M. Chittenden Locks to see where the fish swim up the ladders and a nice walk in the gardens.

Tonight we are in Port Angeles staying on the Harbor. We had a great crab dinner and are now relaxing.