California!! Me, Kaulin, Jeff and Mr. Bentley went down to Oceanside Fourth of July for a little "Working Vacatoin" with Andee and Steve.
For anyone that doesn't know, my dad and some investors, have some vacation rentals down in San Diego in Oceanside on the beach and my whole family is working at remodeling them. They're called "A Strand of Paradise" because the addres is 412 south the Strand.
Andee, Steve & Ethan are living down there during the remodel managing and doing alot of the work. They should be all up and rentals this fall. I'm so excited! They are so much fun.
Mr. B-stain is great on road trips! He gets into his bag and passes out! Plus he loves the beach, so we don't leave him behind. :) Have we ever left him behind anywhere? i don't think so...

Eeee and Heffe on the pier. Ruby's resuraunt is right on the end of the pier walking distance from us. It was a rocky ride for little E.

At Ruby's. haha, I love this picture of little E.

This unit, on the top, over looks all the other units and the ocean (9 in all). Its so nice to wake up in the morning to cool breazes from the ocean and bright sunshine at 6am from the rising sun.

This is what it look like from our place down the strand.

Mr. Hinton.
There in a surf school in town that has asked to use our place to store their boards. So in return we are allowed to use their surf boards and they will give free lessons to anyone staying there with us.

Steven David

Heffe was a pro.

These beach cruisers on the beach are SO much fun! Andee and Steve bought their own to have down there. No better way to get around. There is a one way road right infront of the strand where everyone rides bikes, jogs, walks dogs etc. Andee with Mr. B on the cruiser.

Nanny and baby Eeeee!