Here's when you wouldn't hire a wedding planner ...

I was so excited to hear from out of state weddings planners about this article. Its been up for a day and I've already recieved emails and comments on The Spectrum. Its always exciting to know people are reading and enjoying. :) Photo by One Memory at a Time with Alisha Shaw

Why you wouldn't hire a wedding planner
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In these economical times we are all trying to cut back. This concept even applies towards your special day. Weddings that used to be lavish events are now turning to simplistic trends.

One thing still rings true: whether you are trying to conserve or splurge, there is a long list of to-dos before you can say, "I do." These lists can sometimes feel endless and take away from the excitement during your engagement. This is where a wedding planner eases the pressure.
Is a wedding planner right for you, your budget and your overall event?

Do not hire a wedding planner if you want to spend more money. You heard me right, you can save money with a wedding planner. In the past, planners have been perceived for only indulgent couples with money to spare. This is not the case these days.

Wedding planners are becoming affordable and can even get you discounts and special rates by consulting through them. Wedding professionals build up relationships with each other and will sometimes give benefits for referring them.

On multiple occasions I have seen free services thrown in by a vendor or a price even deducted in half because they went through a wedding planner.

Planners can also help you get more bang for your buck. They know how to cut back on certain expenses to make your event look like a splurge even though you might be on a tight budget.

Another reason you would not hire a wedding planner is if you can be in two places at once. Brides have a large roll. That is, of course, being the bride. On a wedding day it is not uncommon to have a 16-hour work day, a mop in one hand and an iron in the other.

The last thing a bride needs to do is to be steaming linen or polishing silverware before she is about to walk down the middle aisle.

Finally, don't hire a wedding planner if you already spend eight or more hours a day reading, writing, researching and dreaming about weddings.

Wedding planners are professionals that obsess over weddings, daydream about wedding and are always scheming new trends for weddings. They are full-time wedding guru's that have been doing this for years, not just for a few months of engagement.

By tapping into their skills and involving them from the beginning of your initial planning, you will be amazed at the creations that will come to surface giving you the wedding you did not even know was in your reach without breaking the bank.


Montgomery Wedding at the BellTower

Our friends over at RB Studios the Broadheads, sent this DVD highlights video over of a fun wedding we did over at the BellTower. It was one of those weddings that was handed off to me after the initals consults to finish the rest of the wedding day, rehearsals and ceremony. I was so impressed, this family actually danced at the wedding! wooohoo! Sometimes when theres time for dancing, it doesn't always happen, but with them it did. It made it alot of fun.

Thanks RB Studios for the video.