Day 6: Depoe Bay, Sea Lion Caves and 8 hours of driving down the 101

We are behind so we have to make up alot of time driving.

This is Depoe Bay from outside our motel room window. Last night we ate at Gracies Sea Hags. SUCH GOOD SEA FOOD! I tried osters for the first time. Not so good. But the clam chowder, and kaulins staple fish and chips. I had the sea food pasta with crab, shrimp & prawns. It was amazing.

There are supposed to be 12 grey whales that always live in the bay. This is as close as we got to one though. They cleaned out the river 2 days ago that drain into the bay so they were MIA the last couple of days.

So we went to the SeaLion caves so we could as least see a few wild animals. Kaulin took this picture right as B-Man went to yawn. It looks like he is a hand puphet I carry around with me to keep me company. He looks really creepy!!

On the drive down the 101 we ran into herds of elk.

Lots and Lots of Elk!!!