Baby Ethan is Born

Hi Baby Ethan!

He was born on Thursday weighting 7'11 and was 20 inches tall. He really is the sweetest things. His cry is so soft and precious. And his mommy already dresses him well. hehe. Congrats Andee and Steve!

p.s. Alisha my sister took this picture. She is photographer. Amazing huh? She's really good at it.


Aliese said...

So fun. I do love that picture...

Wes & Tiff said...

So I finally found a moment to stumble upon your blog. What an awesome picture, he is so dang cute! I bet it makes you want kids SO badly. Good thing your graduating soon so you can hop right on that. ;) I'll be exciting to hear how it goes. Just Kidding, but seriously, can't wait to see you this week. I am still praying that I some how passed that test. Hope you're surviving all the papers!


Kade and Kaylee said...

He is so cute! I love the picture. Tell Andee congrats from us!

Sierra and Cade said...

hey love!
congrats on being a new aunt! It so exciting!!
I love the picture, alisha is a pro-fessional!
love you!

Jer and Jealin said...

When is Alisha going to start a photo business? She seriously rocks. Ethan is adorable, and yes, very well dressed! He's a lucky boy to have such wonderful aunties!