Andees Baby Shower

On friday night we had a "girls night out" baby shower for Andee, my baby sister. She is excepting in 4 weeks!! Little Ethan Jeffery Ott. It was a blast hanging out with the girls and playaing bunco into the night.


The Batistas said...

I am the most jealous person in the whole world right now!!! I ALWAYS wanted a round crib!!! Tell Andie I think she is a beautiful (small) pregnent person. And I expect pictures of her little guy!

and I'm waiting for the news from you....:)

Anonymous said...

It turned out so cute Juice! I'm so sad that I didn't get to come. My present would have matched too! :(

Danielle said...

It was way cute, you guys did a good job! And I look like I could have birthed the baby, I'm not so skinny!!