Montgomery Wedding at the BellTower

Our friends over at RB Studios the Broadheads, sent this DVD highlights video over of a fun wedding we did over at the BellTower. It was one of those weddings that was handed off to me after the initals consults to finish the rest of the wedding day, rehearsals and ceremony. I was so impressed, this family actually danced at the wedding! wooohoo! Sometimes when theres time for dancing, it doesn't always happen, but with them it did. It made it alot of fun.

Thanks RB Studios for the video.


onememoryatatimephoto said...

So cute!! I love it! Such a fun way to see the wedding! You did a great job!

Kris said...

Hey - Chase is my husbands cousin - the wedding looked beautiful!

Andee and Steve Ott said...

That wedding turned out super gorgeous! What a cool video too. P.s. I think that blonde wedding planner is H-O-T!