Beach Party in Zions

This wedding was a major labor of love. I came home bruised, dirty, sun burnt and couldn't fully move for a few days after. Luckily, I had two hard workers by my side (bless their hearts, we pulled a 17 hour day and they didn't even get to eat lunch) and a crew of men at the end to help take it all down. Without them none of this would have gotten done.

Looking back on the pictures though, it was all worth it!
The end product makes every bruise, farmers tan and sore muscle worth it. :)

Custom bamboo canopies were constructed over the banquet tables with glowing capiz shell chandeliers. The wind and light rain made it a chore to keep them from blowing over all day, but when the reception started it was calm and perfect. Man, I loved these chandeliers. I am tempted to order my own for my house.

The couples first dance was to "Your Eyes Divide Me" sung live by Kalai. They're adorable right? They just fit each other so well!

Kalai was truly great to work with. I was amazing at how humble and laid back he was. He didn't want any special treatment and insisted on not having any introduction so it wouldn't take away from the bride and groom. He was there right on time and was so gratious. Now EVERYONE go download one of his songs. He is the type of person I want to support any little way i can.

They catered to the children at their reception by having a kids table with suckers, jelly beans, jump ropes, hulla hoops, bracelet making and coloring. It was a mess of kids all night. The brides mom came up with all these cute little things for the kids to do that the kids LOVED! It was a hit.

Cake by Heidi Smith with Icing. She is just always smiling and so nice whenever I see her.
I love being around people like that.

This was my first time working with Nick and Signe Adams. I'm not gonna lie...I was nervous. But I am here to tell you they were amazing. Signe is adorable. She has been so easy to work with, they are so professional and have a true passion for what they do. I would recommend them to everyone.

Bloomers did the floral for the events. When Bloomers is on the job I look at it as one less thing to worry about. Kathy just has the eye for design. Her floral is always full, fresh and flawless.

Always have, Always will love brides colored shoes!

Sparkler send off at the end of the night. Sparkler send offs are a little over done but boy, do they make adorable pictures and memories!

The bride and grooom where adorable BTW. So much fun to work with and so willing to do fun things! :) I love it when I get to do fun details! I'm just grateful they took a chance on me and my ideas. The whole Debenham family I met was great.