Day 1

We made it to Seattle!! I didn't feel honest about sneaking little B-stain onto the plane for the first time, but now I know we should have. We paid $75 (more then our ticket) and no one even asked if we have a proof if the dog could be with us. It def. wasn't needed. But its good to be honest right?
 When traveling with a dog, everyone wants to be your friend! He is one popular little guy. Everyone wanted to talk about their dogs, when they had a yorkie etc etc.

We are now just hoping he doesn't get discovered at our hotel (Which was supposed to be dog friendly!) Oh no, they hate dogs! $250 if they catch you with one in your room. So we are just crossing our fingers he behaves tonight.

First thing we did tonight was order dinner, then walk 4 miles to take alook at the auction cars going through tomorrow. It look about an 45 minutes to walk 2 miles there and 2 miles back on a busy industrial road. We're exhausted now and are just watching TV since we are carless till tomorrow.


onememoryatatimephoto said...

Man, bet you are glad to be there...good luck tomorrow!

The Batistas said...

hope all goes well for you dearies!!! And hope Mr. B was good for you!

Will and Tere said...

I told Will that you guys were doing this and he said lets do it! so maybe when he retires we may have time. Till then he is busy. But it looks like you had a good first day. I hope you get a fun car tho. Definatly a convertable!

Mom said...

Glad you got there okay. Did you see any hopeful cars last night? Have fun! We miss you

Charise said...

I like the updates! :) Keep it up and have a great time!