baby j's room.

It was so much fun working on our little guys room before he came. Everything just seemed to come together.
So, I'm probably a little too picky when it comes to baby room decor.
I looked and looked for little boy bedding and didn't like a thing I saw. So off to the fabric store me and my sister Andee went. I found these combos of super cute fabric in navy, apple green and aqua and decided, "Hey, I'm feeling ambitious. Why don't I make it myself?"

That thought will probably never cross my mind again... It took forever and cost just as much as buying one by the time you buy fabric, batting and all the foam for the bumpers. But I'm happy with how it all turned out! It might be a little girly for our little boy, but it's a baby, right? :) haha.

Here is a view of the overall room.

I love this crib. It was a gift from Kaulin's parents for all our future kids. 
 I also love the picture of Jesus with the kids over his crib. 

It is something pretty special to our family since it is all my brothers and sisters in the picture. They stopped printing the picture, but luckily my grandma has the original and my sister Lisha is a pro at the camera and photoshop. I think I want to add some sort of vinyl quote later on under the picture about being a child of God.
We really lucked out with the glider/recliner. I really wanted one that wasn't wood and had a good look to it. I found this green one online, but they still wanted a lot for it. Well one night, me and Kaulin were just sitting in the living room surfing the web for rockers, and here the chair was again, but this time 50% off for 3 days only! WOOHOO! Luckily Kaulin's sister Kierston lives in Vegas where it could be ordered in at the promotional price to avoid the crazy shipping costs.  
The curtains were store bought ones with matching fabric sewed on to match the bedding. The rug was from Target and seemed to go with the room perfect. And of course, a pillow owl! What would a room be without a pillow owl. :)
On the other side of the room are his dressers. One is for changing, one is for decor (thank you mommy for hooking a girl up with some dressers to re-finish. They work perfectly!). The bookshelf in the middle is just a $25 bookshelf from Wal-Mart with the back painted blue to go with the room.
I haven't had a chance yet, but these are the knobs going on the dressers. I love how different they all are. I know, the blue rose is REALLY girly. But again, it's a baby. I figure by the time he's 2 he will have something he is really into and I will want to change his room again to go with what he likes. :)

These cute sayings and frames were made by my super creative sister Reese for the baby. They are adorable and go with the room so well!
I can't wait to put these up on the wall.

We have such an awesome family. It seems like everyone had a little piece of the room they helped us with. We feel so blessed to have them around us!