Baby J

This is my sweet little baby boy! 
Ohh how much our lives have changed. It revolves around this little guy. (Sorry Mr. Bentley!) They completely turn your lives upside down and teach you to forget about yourself and you wouldn't have it any other way! :)
My sister is amazing. She took all these pictures and was SO patient. She is just amazing with babies. Check her out at One Memory at a Time

The first time we tried at 5 days old, it didn't work out. He cried the whole time. At 9 days he was a lot better. He was just so aware of his surroundings and very sensitive to things going on. She was so good to just cuddle and hold him until he was ready.

Thank goodness she was patient because it made for some adorable pictures! 

Thank you lish!! I love them!!!


*Aliese* said...

WAY cute; I love the nest one.

Julie said...

Oh he is adorable! I'm so glad you are enjoying your little guy! Babies are just so fun!

Karli Hinton said...

Bently got pushed to the side. annnnnd i need new pictures!! :) i miss him!...and you