Adventure Here We Come!!!

Here we go! We finally did it and booked a 1 way ticket Sunday up to Seattle so we can drive home on the coastal highway. We decided to let little Bentley come along since we will be going to lots of national parks and we don't think there will be many places he won't be allowed. Airfare if a different story though. His ticket cost more then ours!! Crazy huh? He costs more to sit under my seat.
I hope the little guy enjoys this. :)

I'm so excited to just get away for a little bit. We have nothing planned other then some great suggestions on what to see from family and friends.
The scariest part of the trip is that we have only 1 night of hotels booked and no rental car booked. We are getting there in time for the seattle auto auction where Kaulin is going to buy us a car to drive home. (I'm secretly hoping its a convertible, but lets be realistic, I need to cross my fingers that we just get a good car without any mechanical problems.)
Isn't it beautiful!! I can't believe I've never been there before even though we live so close!

We're taking our computer so hopefully I can post pictures of our adventure as it happens.

Check back for the next week!! :)


Fashionably Kate said...

I'm SOOO jealous. This sounds amazing!! Have fun and take loads of pictures!

*Liese said...

That's so exciting! PCH is lovely; you'll LOVE it.

Mom said...

Actually, sweetheart, you have been there before. You were just too young to remember. We took the family there in 1991. It was beautiful.

Danielle said...

oh I am SO SO jealous. I've wanted to do that for a long time. Definately stop in Astoria, Oregon (where Goonies was filmed). Portland is awesome too. All those coastal towns down Oregon's coast are so cool. We were there during a "crab fest" and ate crab fresh out of the ocean! SO GOOD. Have fun! can't wait to see pics!