Flirty Pink, Black and White Wedding

Who: Jensen and Yardley Wedding
Where: Minersville Utah in their Uncles backyard
Colors: Black, white, & hot pink
Photographer: Jenny Hollaway
Cake: Heidi Smith
Floral: Dolly

This was the beautiful back yard I got to work with. I love seeing a space for the first time and envisioning what can be done with it.

From there I created a site map scaled to the measurements as close as I can get. I like to do this with each wedding to help with all the table, tent and dance floor placements.

And here is the finished product! It is so rewarding to see what you've designed on paper come together on the big day.

There were 9 white tents in all. Each had a custom Hot pink damask flag made to match the custom linen.

All the hot pink and black and white stripe linen was custom made for this wedding in California.

Cute as can be, flower girls.

There were 4 food stations around the perimeter of the event. There was an ice cream sundae station (which had some technical difficulties), a cotton candy station, drink and sandwich station and a fondue station. Each had the custom black and white stripe linen, which was one of my favorite things of the wedding.

4 types of crystal chandeliers hung in each of the 9 tents.

The cotton candy station had hot pink rock suckers.
The guests got to pick a sucker and have the cotton candy rolled onto it.

This massive beauty is there wedding cake done by
Heidi Smith with Icing by Design in St. George.

Favorite parts of the Events:
(1) The custom linen!
(2) The bride and groom and there families had to be the sweetest people ever! I loved working with them.


*Liese said...

That cake is incredible! I have to admit though, I giggled at the two flies preening on it though. :) You definitely have one of the greatest jobs in the world! Seriously, it looks like so much fun!

Spencers said...

Very cool. It looks like a lot of work, but a lot of fun at the same time.

Tanier G said...

Jewls....look at all you're doing! I am totally jealous, I've always wanted to do weddings! You are just too cute! I hope all is going well!

Andee and Steve Ott said...

Gorgeous wedding!!!! Love the cotton candy on the suckers! What a cute idea. The cake is really pretty. who did it?