It's in the small victories

I feel like today
that small victories were made.

I chose to read a Dale Carnegie book instead of turn on the TV

I chose to have oatmeal for lunch. And actually stuck to the serving sizes.
(Who really only eats that much? news to me.)

And spent my whole evening with family frosting cookies instead of being wrapped up in my own things.

A small but victorious day.


onememoryatatimephoto said...

You're so cute! AND you are pressing forward with what you love to do! I'm very proud of you! BTW serving sizes SUCK! HA!

k. hinton said...

yay jue!! soooooo im thinking that you guys should drive up here on christmas, if only for the night. it would be great don't cha think?? :)

Andee and Steve Ott said...

This is a super sweet post. I love you jewls

p.s. the verification word below is "paggynad". just thought you'd like to know.

We're not robots. said...

Hi Julie! I havent seen you in ages. Glad I happened by your blog. I really loved this post.
Today I clipped my liitle boys finger and toe nails and i feel very accomplished. HOpe you dont mind if I "happen by" some more.