Don't you just feel like this some days?

Some days I wish I could just collapse and sleep where ever I fall like Mr. Bentley my little Yorkie.
The last few weeks have been spent staying up late into the night trying to get everything in line for the wedding expo coming up the end of January that my business will "Debut at."
 I am SOO excited, but so exhausted!

It you haven't seen it yet go to Middle Aisle.


Reese said...

I feel like that even though I'm nowhere near at busy as you are!:P
Btw, the new website looks great!

k. hinton said...

If you need any help at the expo, or getting ready for it let me know!! i would love to help out if i could!! :)

Cierra said...

Ha ha that's too funny! Lobsters are a good way to go & he is adorable! I got Phoebe in Las Vegas in 2008. How old is your little guy? By the way, I love your Middle Aisle web site...you are very talented.