Ohh Mexico!!

Mexico was a blast! We did alot of great things and did alot of relaxing.

We went with Kaulins parents and Andee and Steve. We stayed at the Grand Mayan in the Riviera Maya. It was a blast!

We took a day to boat over to Cozumel and rent scooters to tour the island.

It was great to get a tour from the stake president in Cancun who runs a tour company Laminate Destination Services. (LDS). It was great to see the Mayan religion from an LDS standpoint.

We first went to Coba. The pyramid is larger than the one in Chitchen Itza and you are still allowed to climb it. Kaulin, Steve and Richard ran on up while us gals took pictures of them. :)

We also got to see Tulum. This place is worth going to!

Some of the best snorkeling we've ever done was in Yakul. It was a lagoon by the ocean, but doesn't get any waves. So it was clear and calm. No swallowing sea water and the fish aren't afraid to have you get pretty close. It was a blast.


Kade and Kaylee said...

Looks amazing! I've never been and would LOVE to go someday! Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas! Only a little while left and we will be in Utah again!


glad you had fun! I miss that place! I wanna go back!!