Make Way for DA HOUSE!

Ok, that is a little mean. But that is how you feel when you're pregnant!

Below is NOT to do if you are decide to take maternity pictures.

Well, as many of you know, my sister is an amazing photographer. (Click the link to see her stuff). So when it came time for maternity pictures, I wasn't too into the whole idea. Who decided it was a good idea to try and get your fat swollen house of a self ready and smiling in front of the camera? Crazy people. But with a little coaching I decided to go out. Problem is, I didn't go out when I was a cute pregnant. NO!!! I went out when I was almost due. I look at these the cringe a little, but I'm glad I get to look back at them now.
Isn't my hubby the hottest?
And of course Mr. Bentley had to get in on the action. 
So although I am large and in charge, I really do love to look back at being pregnant. There was something comforting about it. And I loved that people always held doors open, carried my things and that I got to part in the expectant mother parking at Harmons.
I just really wanted to belly bump with Kaul. :)
Thanks lishie for taking us out and convincing me I needed to do them!


Danielle said...

So adorable! ;)

You're cute ALWAYS!

*Aliese* said...

I love that Harmon's has expectant mother parking. Although I must admit there were a few times in college when I'd go grocery shopping with my roommate and she'd park there; I asked her why and her response was always, "What?! Who'd gonna tell me I'm NOT pregnant?!"

Karli Hinton said...

bahahahahahahahahahahahaha i love them belly bump picture!