Warning: This Might Make you Squimish.

This story begins on a Wednesday night. My due date had come and gone, and I was 3 days over. You see, this little "home" I had made for our little baby must have been super comfy. Why? Because he hadn't shown even a centimeter of coming anytime soon. NADA. Not dilated, couldn't even strip my membranes because this little "home" was rockin' and he wasn't ready to say hello. 

I was a little freaked out that I would need to be induced, so that night me and Kaulin did every thing we could think of to make the baby come. Clary Sage Oil, jumping, walking curbs... and finally around 11pm that night... the contractions started. 

I hadn't ever had a contraction before. Not a braxton hick or anything during my pregnancy. So I didn't know what to expect. The only thing I knew is that I didn't want to be sent home. (Silly, I know... but it would have made me cry!) 

They came on slow so I just tried to go to bed and sleep it off. Was this the real thing? I didn't know... Around 3am, I woke up thinkging I wet myself. But still not being sure, I went back to bed. Sorta...  Finally 5am and I couldn't take it anymore. I showered, got ready and we went into the hospital around 6ish.
And sure enough, my water had broke, the contractions were getting stronger and the little one had out grown his love of his little "home" and wanted to come play. (Kaulin looks so calm....)
They got me all hooked up, and then it came to the waiting game. (Yes, I was sporting a purple manicure. That was about the only thing I could control and reach by that time. So I was a fanatic about making sure my nails were done before he came.)
Happy as a Hippo, Rueben... Then it came time to PUSH.
The thing about pushing with drugs pumping through you... You can't feel a thing. So you were exhausted, sweating and breathing hard but you couldn't feel or tell why. But because of it, I really enjoyed the whole process. I didn't want to hit or kill anyone like people had warned me about, and I got to watch the whole thing. It is amazing.

So when someone tells you to grunt, what kind of push would you assume? When I grunt I am exerting myself. Like a tennis player that grunts whenever they hit the ball. They hit it hard and a grunt comes out.  So when I was told to give a "grunt" I gave one REAL big push. WHOOPSIE. I guess the version of grunt I was supposed to give was more like a sigh. I gave a big heave ho grunt and thank goodness Tracy was ready because my little guy literally popped out and she caught him. 
Note to self: Grunt smaller.
My amazing aunt and my OB with baby J as he took his first breathe. Love this picture. 
He was 7'11 and 19 inches long. 

Cuddling with my sweet baby J for the first time.

It's amazing.


Danielle said...

Its about time you post this!! What the heck, isn't he like 10 now?! LOL
You're gorgeous even during birth! And the "squimish" pic...did they photoshop your thighs? Because they look great and thin! Not fair!! I love that last pic...you need to hang it somewhere..in B&W! ;)
You're beautiful! ;)

I can't beleive you thought you wet yourself! DORK!

communikate. said...

WHoa.. crazy and cool pics, and i agree with Danielle, your thighs are tiny!!

Jiovan55 said...

Jue! seriously brought tears to my eyes! though the way I go about giving birth is not quite the same as yours It's still just so precious. Cherish those photos! they are perfect! love them!