Day 3: Port Angles, Olympic National Park, La Push

The PCH has been beautiful to drive down. Sometimes you are right on the ocean, and other times you are in the middle of a green forest.

We stopped into Olympic National ark. It is beautiful covered in green trees and moss covered trees. It is considered the only rain forrest in the US.

Kaulin and Bizzle on an overlook in Olympic.

From Olympic we went out of our way about 40 minutes to La Push. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! It is on a reservation and is just a small fishing area. But the beaches are gorgeous. And yes everything in this area of Washington seem to want a piece of the Twilight mania. This town had alot of references to Jacob and wolves.

Just down the road was Forks. We weren't about to waste our time with a Twilight tour, so we used their bathrooms in a grocery store and went on our way. Forks is a small town right on the 101. Everything was "Twilight Headquarters" according to businesses signs.

We stopped to get gas and a run on for the little b-stain on the beach and found this cool beach with all these tree trunks.  It also has a ton of crab shells! I had no idea crabs lost their shells.


Danielle said...

How fun! I hear they've totally turned those towns into "twilight" mania!