Day 5: Portland

We have been so lucky this trip because the sun has shown the entire time! No drops of rain once!

We spent the whole first half of the day in Portland with Beau and Kim. They went out of their way to make sure we got a great time in town and ate in the right places. First thing in the morning (After they made us a killer breakfast) we went to the Multnomah Falls outside of Portland.

Kaulin, Julie, B-Man, Beau and Kim

So, Beau and Kim warned us it is a bit of a hike to the top. When we got there, I under estimated how tall this thing actually is. IT KILLED ME. I got so dizzy hiking up, but i tried to be cool and tried to press on until i had to stop because i thought i was going to fall over i was so light headed. It was over a mile straight up hill. But so worth it. :)

(View from the top down at the parking lot the picture above was taken from)

We have the hardest time getting around with this little lady  killer in the blue polo here. (and the guy in the green polo, but people don't stop what they are doing to pet Kaulin). Little Beanie is quite the little show stopper.  Probably doesn't help that i make him wear little clothes. haha.

We've now made it to Depot Bay just in time to find a hotel, dinner and an internet connection. Bentley B has been great in the car this far. He has his favorite places he perches or just sleeps on our laps. It has been super easy to travel. Plus he's learned that if he just stays in his bag he gets to go inside. Dinner was so nice tonight because he came inside, but just stayed in his bag and slept. No one knew he was there and it was nice to not have to worry about him being cold in the car.


Charise said...

Sounds like it has been an awesome trip! I love the daily updates! :)

Fashionably Kate said...

It all looks fantastic.
I loved that hike to see the falls!

Danielle said...

Multnomah Falls! Yes, quite the hike. We went up past all that too. I was worried about my knee because it was only a few months after my knee surgery that we hiked it. If I tried it now, I'd probably DIE! So dang pretty up there though!

Jewls said...

You did it after your surgery!! Oh man! I kept seeing pregnant girls and children coming back down, so I knew I had to suck it up. I can't imagine doing it after ur surgery.

Alisha Shaw said...

Ya'll better get a move on if you are gonna make it home before Christmas!! Sounds like a great time! Keep posting!