Day 4: Long Beach, Astoria, Cannon Beach: Indian Beach, Portland

We stayed in Long Beach, WA for the night at the Trend West. 2bd full kitchen for us! hehe. Long beach was super small and quiet. There signs say they have the longest beach in the world. I believe it. Although no on gets into their beach or really hangs out on the sand because the wind is so strong there! We took a walk down the board walk and check out a grey whale skeleton they have on the beach.

Then back to more driving. From long beach we went over the longest bridge I have EVER been on that crossed the Columbia River from Washington to Astoria, OR. Astoria is adorable. They are cute little homes all built up on the side of a hill. This is a place I would have really liked to stay in long.

We crusied on down to Cannon Beach and stopped into Ecola State Park and check out Indian Beach.

Indian Beach

Our drive through Ecola State Park. Kalynn told me its like faries would jump out and touch you. She was so right! :) It looked alot like Olympic National Park with the tall green trees, winding roads and moss dripping from everywhere.

After checking out Cannon Beach we drove a few hours to Portland to stay with Kaulins Cousin Beau and his wife Kim. They were so great to us! They took work off just to show us around town. That night we ate at The Grilled Cheese Grill. Yup, you eat outta a bus. They serve only different kinda of Grilled cheese and tomato soup. I'm glad we had the pro's to show us the ropes on what to order. Who would have thought brown sugar on a grilled cheese would be good?


Danielle said...

brown sugar on grilled cheese?? hmm. I love Cannon beach and the drive through the trees there is my fave! So pretty!